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Filipina entrepreneur Kianne Intila-Telan launched her personalized souvenir business while expecting her first child. 

Kianne rekindled her youth passion for arts and crafts and turned herself into an entrepreneur. “I’ve liked arts and crafts since high school,” she says, marking the start of CreationsbyKianne.

She set her business foundation with her husband’s encouragement. “He said, okay, I’ll give you a machine. You can do whatever you want with it – make money or just a hobby,” Kianne recounts her early excitement and uncertainty.

Kianne demonstrated remarkable resilience juggling motherhood and her startup. “Yes, I’m raising two babies,” she illustrates her commitment to her child and her business. 

She initially introduced her products to friends and expanded her market based on positive feedback. “So what I offer to sell, I tried first,” Kianne says, emphasizing quality assurance.

Kianne recalls a substantial order for a wedding as a challenge that highlighted her dual roles as a mom and entrepreneur. She involved her family for support. “I also taught my parents,” she reveals, turning her venture into a family collaboration. 

CreationsbyKianne’s participation in a Madiskarte Moms bazaar and gaining TV exposure marked key milestones that helped grow the young business.

Kianne currently leverages Facebook for business growth but is expanding into Shopee and TikTok. She aims to evolve her business into an employment source for more people.

Kianne’s narrative embodies ‘Madiskarte’ spirit, defying conventions to support her family and fulfill personal aspirations. “Yung ibang tao sinasabi nila madiskarte raw ako… pero sa akin naman, gusto kong tulungan ang asawa ko at gusto ko ring tulungan ang sarili ko,” she explains.

Kianne advises budding entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and stay eager to learn. “Whatever you like, make that your business,” she suggests to potential entrepreneurs. 

CreationsbyKianne is not just a business; it’s a testament to Kianne’s creativity, determination, and the supportive network of her family. Her personalized souvenirs helped her overcome personal and entrepreneurial challenges. Kianne’s story is a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to make their mark in the world of business.