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Filipino mompreneur Joyce Mallari is transforming umbilical cords and breast milk into precious souvenirs.

Joyce’s unique take on resin art using a baby’s birth markers deeply resonates with many parents.

Mallari first started her entrepreneurial venture as a resin artist in 2021 during the pandemic. “I bought materials and then I practiced for three months. After three months, I launched my resin souvenir business. And for the first few months, the sales were really low,” Joyce recounts her initial struggle.

Ashley’s Handmade Creations’ was the answer to her search for a way to create something meaningful and different from what other resin artists offer. Her discovery of a unique niche led her to focus on incorporating umbilical cords in her products.

Joyce’s perseverance paid off with a surge in orders following her targeted marketing efforts through social media engagements with mommy groups.

But crafting souvenirs from such delicate materials like umbilical cords and breast milk presented its challenges. “Minsan may mga gawa ka na hindi sya ganun kaganda. Hindi sya ganun ka-perfect. Kailangan i-redo mo sya. Yun ang mahirap. Kaya kailangan pag gumagawa ka, perfect na talaga sya!,” Joyce admits.

(“Sometimes, your products turn out not that good. It’s not that perfect. And you need to redo it. That’s difficult. That’s why when you make one, it has to be perfect already!” Joyce admits.)

Her determination and willingness to refine her craft have allowed her to overcome these obstacles. She is living proof that passion paired with persistence is a formula for success. Joyce’s business became so popular that she even got featured on TV and radio shows, bringing her business into the limelight and establishing her status as a pioneering mompreneur.

As for what lies ahead, Joyce continues to explore new avenues for her creativity, expanding her range of personalized souvenirs and embracing the digital world with her presence on various online platforms. 

Mallari’s message to aspiring entrepreneurs emphasizes action: “Kapag meron kang gustong nakitang idea na gusto mong gawin, gawin mo kaagad.”


Mallari views Ashley’s Handmade Creations as a legacy for her daughter Ashley. The venture not only honors their bond but also embodies a spirit of innovation and resilience that Joyce hopes will inspire other Filipino families.

Through her journey, Joyce Mallari has not only crafted memorable keepsakes but also inspired many with her story of innovation, perseverance, and maternal devotion.